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Breast augmentation is the surgical intervention that corrects breast hypoplasia and asymmetries. Breast augmentation, both through silicone prostheses, and through injection of acid, will be decided together with your surgeon, when you also agree on the positioning, shape and size of the implants.


Where is the breast implant placed?


The surgeon will decide the position of the implant according to the anatomy of the breast. It may be inserted through the armpit, underneath the breast or by cutting in the periareolar region.


Does it affect breastfeeding?


The patients may breastfeed without any problem, as the insertion of the implant through periareolar incision will cut through certain lactiferous ducts, however without influencing the quality of the milk. Breast implants do not alter the risk of breast cancer; for more information on this topic, please address your surgeon. 


How long does the intervention last?


The breast implant surgery depends on the complexity of the case; it is carried out in a pleasant atmosphere, and you will be sleeping under the care of the anesthetist. The post-surgical pain is influenced by the positioning of the implant, and it will persist several days after the surgery.


Duration of the implant


It is recommended to change the prosthesis only if changes occur that produce any form of embarrassment to the patient.