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It is the temple of beautiful Aphrodite, known in Greek mythology as the goddess of beauty, love and passion. Considered the ideal of feminine beauty, she was making the gods sigh after her love and attention. Aphrodite was considered very powerful even among the divine entities, and no one could resist her, as her main weapons of seduction were her beauty and elegance that she displayed naturally. Men were wrapped in her enchantment to such an extent, that even Zeus fell charmed at her feet on various occasions. 


Aphrodite is the clinic where beauty meets science to provide looks that even the gods would envy. The emotional state that occurs when we look in the mirror and we like what we see is technically the engine of self-confidence and of success in everything that we set our mind to do.


Aphrodite was designed precisely to come to your aid with a wide range of high-quality aesthetic treatments and procedures performed by the best specialist doctors.


Professionalism and devotion are the right words to characterize the work of our specialist surgeons, dermatologists and nurses, working in the spirit of wellness, in order to create your most aesthetically pleasing version.


Aphrodite can change lives .... How so? Easily and surely, our specialists in aesthetic medicine and antiaging, together with our aesthetic consultants, are able to provide you with the best solutions and technologies to maintain your youth and beauty at the highest standards.


Dr. Simona Manea is a specialist in plastic, esthetic and reconstructive microsurgery. “My fascination with medicine started from childhood. I had a rich collection of medical supplies that included syringes, that I was given injections with, along with my grandmother's empty medicine bottles. In the summer vacation, still at my grandparents’ home, I discovered several first-aid books that made me think of injured persons that I was going to help. My passion for surgery came to light when I underwent an appendicitis surgery, when I was 17. Thus, I started preparing myself for the Faculty of Medicine." 


From a mere wish to the practice and excellence to pursue her dream of becoming a plastic surgeon, Dr. Simona Manea enrolled at Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Bucharest, that she graduated from in 2005. She completed 3 years of residency in general surgery and subsequently, she began her residency in plastic surgery. She prepared for her specialization at Bagdasar-Arseni Emergency Clinical Hospital of Bucharest, as well as at the Plastic Surgery and Burns Hospital from Bucharest, where she faced numerous emergencies and complex cases, which helped her gain vast experience in the treatment of trauma, burns and in the surgery of tumors. Moreover, Dr. Simona Manea participated in numerous esthetic surgical interventions of breasts, face and figure, along with one of the most famous esthetic surgeons in Bucharest.