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By the rhinoplasty procedure, the aesthetic correction of the external appearance of the nose is carried out. Its purpose is to balance the facial aesthetics. During an aesthetic modification of the nose, a functional modification may also be performed, such as improving breathing by correcting a septum deviation. The chosen surgical technique is addressed to each patient individually, and the intervention may be carried out by endonasal procedure or by open procedure.


How long will it take to recover?


Recovery is fast, and the patient will be able to breathe through her nose the next day, once the nasal meshes are removed. It is recommended to wear a splint for 5-6 days. Rhinoplasty is not painful; the only inconvenient is the first night after the surgery, when the patient is forced to breathe through the mouth.


How long does the procedure last?


The aesthetic surgery of the nose lasts on average 1-2 hours and it is carried out under general anesthesia or with local anesthesia intravenously intensified.